Is Video Storytelling right for your Nonprofit?

Nonprofits attract resources by telling their story, making their mission and their impact come to life to engage more people in taking action. The action can be donating money, advocating on their issues, volunteering, becoming an ambassador for their work or participating in the programs offered.

We know that in many, if not most, cases people act from the heart not the head when it comes to the work of Nonprofits. Finding the best way to tell your story can be especially challenging for small and medium size Nonprofits. The decision to implement a new communications strategy like using Video requires careful consideration and planning.

ListenIn Pictures and causevox have developed a great free tool called the The Starter Guide to Nonprofit Video Storytelling. It is comprehensive and easy to understanding. The guide walks the user through the process of evaluating whether Video Storytelling is right for the organization, and if the answer is yes, how to make it happen.

I highly reccomend this tool for any organization considering jumping into Video Storytelling.

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