My work is guided by the recognition that individual, group and social change are inter-dependent.  Creating the conditions where social change is possible requires being reflective and intentional about the process of individual and group change.  I work as a thought partner with groups and individuals to design and facilitate processes that promote finding new solutions to old problems, tap into the groups creative thinking and transforms ideas into action.

Guiding Principles

The personal and professional principles that frame my work include:

Start with Strength Work from our assets and strengths, doing so brings us courage, joy and empowerment.  Awareness of deficits and challenges is important, but is not effective as the primary driver.

Shared Leadership In every group leadership is shared, formal and informal leadership are always in negotiation. Being intentional and explicit about sharing leaderships amplifies a groups effectiveness. Shared leadership is not created through structure, it emerges through organizational culture.

Power is Present Power is in a constant state of negotiation in every group; each person in a group or relationship has a role in harnessing power and using it for positive change.

Walk the Talk Consistency between words and action requires ongoing reflection and support, it is a daily endeavor that is never a done deal.

Work Holistically Individual, group (organizational) and social change are interdependant.  We must tend to all layers of change to be effective. Working holistically is critical to success; every change we make  ripples through the rest of the organization, network, collaborative or community.

Remain Open Flexibility is essential, we cannot fully predict the path to change, our comittment must be to learn, grow and change together.

Use the Tools Organizational Development, anti-oppression and political theories are merely tools for understanding our current circumstances, they do not predict the future and are not a pathway to change.  Yet, knowledge and access to the tools are valuable assets to call upon in moving from our current circumstance to our vision for the future.

Take Risks Maintaining an effective balance between process and action is an act of leadership and faith; it is inherently complex and rarely pristine.

Interweave Resist the trend to silo issues, identities, and movements. Imbedding multiple lenses in work is liberating.

Strive for Love Coming from a place of love when we are most frustrated, stressed, fearful or angry is the greatest tool of solidarity. Love is a risk worth taking.